Multiple selection

Set multiple prop to be true.


Custom filtering

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If you need to implement custom filtering algorithm just remove search-by prop from ss-select to disable default filtering. Add @input listener to ss-select-search-input so you can filter options that you pass to ss-select component yourself.

When your options need to be pulled from api. Simply add @input listener to ss-select-search-input component so you can make an api call and change options that you pass to ss-select component. Make sure to remove search-by prop from ss-select so default filtering is disabled.


You can bind your data to ss-select by setting v-model.

Disabling options

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Pass disable-by prop to ss-select component. The prop holds a key in options that $disabled(option) method will check.

Highlighting options

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To highlight options that are being hovered at or pointed at using arrow keys simply compare option index to pointerIndex that you can get from scoped slot.

Styling selected options

Bind classes that you need by checking whether option is selected using $selected(option) method that you can resolve from scoped slot.

Option groups

Unfortunately option groups are not supported. PRs are welcome!

Max selections

If you need to limit the number of options user can select add max prop to ss-select component.

Submitting html form

You can create a hidden field and bind selected option value there. See examples

Single select

<!-- Add hidden field and bind value of selected option -->
<input type="hidden" name="song" :value="$get(selectedOption, 'name')">

Multiple select

<!-- Add select field with multiple attribute -->
<!-- Loop over selected options and create option with selected attribute -->
<select multiple name="songs[]" class="hidden">
  <option v-for="option in selectedOptions" :value="" selected></option>